A CUMBRIAN MP has thrown his weight behind a law which would bring extended sentencing for deliberate acts of animal cruelty.

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson spoke in the House of Commons on Friday in support of Finn’s Law Part 2.

The law seeks to extend sentencing for deliberate acts of animal cruelty. Currently, the maximum sentence for animal cruelty offences is six months.

The original Finn’s Law, named after police dog Finn who was horrifically attacked in the line of duty, gained royal assent and is known as the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Act 2019.

During his speech Mr Jenkinson told the Commons: “I despair of anyone that can inflict deliberate cruelty upon an animal, and I warmly welcome the provision of this bill.

“My constituency of Workington has many organisations and animal rescuers only too willing to rush to the aid of an animal in distress.”

Concluding, Mr Jenkinson said: “It is to those animals, to those volunteers, and to those vets, veterinary staff and animal rescue staff - alongside our own military and emergency services - that we owe the duty of passing this bill today, and in its further stages.”

Following the debate, he said: “Deliberate cruelty towards an animal should not be tolerated.”