AN ICE-CREAM parlour masterminded by farmers has seen a huge amount of success with their Covid friendly drive-thru service for customers.

Cumbrian Cow Ice Cream, based at Edge Hill Farm on the outskirts of Ulverston serve delicious Ice Cream, milkshakes, waffles, sundaes, cakes and coffee.

Established back in 2016, the parlour, run by Denise Stable, uses dairy produce daily from their farm to produce their iconic fresh taste which keeps customers coming back for for.

The 56-year-old explained that they had to delay their season opening of May 14 this year and decided to do a drive-thru option instead and continued to do so for those who are shielding.

"Initially we just put the products in our take home buckets," she said.

"Then we eventually started scooping again.

"At the drive-thru the customer is greeted by a friendly face and while they are placing their order a team member is scooping the ice-cream and on their way to deliver it to them at the next station.

"The ice burger, which is our hot option has proved to be a very popular warm option. It is a toasted brioche bun.

"We are now winding down as it comes out of season so we are open Friday to Sunday now.

"However, as we get towards Halloween we will start to do our fancy ghoulish flavours for the customers which are always a draw to the eyes.

"We will have to adapt how we do that this year though as customers are not coming into the parlour for safety reasons with Covid.

"It has been different this year with Covid and it has actually affected how people choose their flavours because they can't see them in the same way when they are choosing. However, this system has worked really well and there was no point in changing, as those who were still shielding would not have been able to come had we eased our measures."

Mrs Stable's two daughters Heather and Jennifer only help out with the parlour from time to time as they pursue their other careers. However, the business is in good hands with Denise, husband Mike, son Tom, and his wife Anna.

This independent and innovative trader is a very deserving winner of our 'Trader of the Week' award and the local population will definitely be looking forward to Halloween now. If you know a trader worthy of this recognition then email or fill in our Q&A form: