Plans that were submitted to change a barn into a beauty salon can now get started after they were approved.

The application to change the use of a barn at Blencogo was submitted to Allerdale Council’s planning department by Sarah Peile.

The proposal is to create a single-room salon which sits within the existing ground-floor space formally used for milk cooling tanks.

An ecology statement submitted with the plans reads: “The proposed room is underneath the existing loft and does not contact the roof area or structure in any way. There are literally no structural alterations required to form the space and and all that is required is the external metal sliding door to be taken off and a new UPVC frame supplied and fitted into the existing opening.

“No roof works or structural works are required of any nature that would affect any part of the building that could house potential for bats.

“So as such we don’t feel it is necessary to carry out a full survey.”

A response from the Highways department reads: “I can confirm that the Highway Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority has no objection to the proposed development as it is considered that the proposal does not affect the highway nor does it increase the flood risk on the site or elsewhere.”

No objections were submitted to the planning application.

The building forms part of an existing barn within the courtyard of the farm complex. The site is accessible via an existing farm access serving the farmhouse and adjacent structures.

In the officer’s statement it reads: “The proposed use would reuse an existing structure within the village of Blencogo to provide an appropriately scaled business for use by the community.

“The proposed alterations are minimal.

“The development raises no objections from statutory consultees. The proposal satisfies current planning policy and is recommended for approval.”

Plans have now been approved and the change of use must begin within three years.