NEW proposals to extend a caravan park’s holiday season are back on the table again after previously been rejected.

Walney’s South End Caravan Park re-submitted its request on September 25 to be allowed to operate all year long.

Currently the Mulgrew family who have operated the park successfully since 1976 can only open between, Easter and November 14 each year. The application is for all year round use of 50 static and 30 touring caravans form its original 80 touring caravans.

Previous plans were rejected because they went against natural habitat regulations as well as policies which included the councils local plan

The proposals are aimed at extending the season to meet the growing demand from customers to provide year-round holidays.

A statement making up the plans said: “This application is to allow a 12 month holiday season over the whole of South End Caravan Park.

“This will allow the site owners to offer choice and meet the changing demands of its customers who wish to stay on the site and use local facilities all year round.

“This caravan park is an asset to the local economy and can help support many complementary businesses within the locality."

The last proposal to extend the park's season was rejected because they went against habitat regulations as well as policies include in Barrow Borough Council's local plan.

Mail readers supported the applicant arguing it could help bring people into the area.

Vicki Thompson said: "It would be beneficial for them to be open all year, people on site, especially after restrictions due to covid.

"Bringing funds to the area off season can only be beneficial to all local businesses. Including helping barrow bid rejuvenate the town centre.

"What exactly do they object to"policies" please elaborate."

Gnostic Dave said: "Ridiculous decision.

"With all the problems being experienced the council decide to refuse some pleasure for some people. Why? No logical reason."