TALENTED Cumbrians have been snapping away in their droves for a photographic competition.

The initiative launched by The Cumberland is aimed at showcasing what makes life brighter.

Alex Brocket, marketing executive at The Cumberland, said: “We’ve been blown away by the entries so far.

“There’s been such a fantastic variety of photos sent in, with our family, pets and local landscapes proving the most popular subjects to photograph.

“It’s been a real joy to look through the entries and see what makes life brighter for people in our region. As each story comes through, it brightens up our day too.”

Rosemary Atkinson explains why she portrayed a hedgehog: “When I was suffering from postnatal depression I was at a low point. I have five children, one with cerebral palsy and severe autism who is three years old.

"At my lowest point I saw my son, who can’t talk, laughing at a picture of a hedgehog in one of his books. That evening I saw a hedgehog in my garden, it made me smile – it gave me a sign that no matter how tough life becomes, the smallest things give me the fight to carry on.”

Laura Cowan explained the reasons behind her entry: “Wildflowers and gardening make my life brighter because I love to see my children’s faces light up watching butterflies, bees and ladybirds.

“The sun shining on a summer day with the insects feeding and buzzing brings joy to us all and inspires them to love wildlife those are special moments to remember.”

There is still time to enter until October 2. For more information visit: www.brighterbanking.co.uk