Councillors in Ulverston have praised the work done for the area by the Business Improvement District (BID) - and have voted for the initiative to continue for another five years.

The BID, which is charged with improving areas of the town centre, has an uncertain future with a ballot soon set to take place to decide if it will continue for another five years.

Currently, businesses in Ulverston pay business rates to the council plus an additional 1.25 per cent on top of that to the BID.

Clerk Jayne Kendall was one of the supporters of the scheme who has backed it to continue.

She said: "The scheme has brought over £100,000 into the town this year alone.”

Judith Pickthall also praised the scheme, adding: "The BID has done a very good job for the town.

"There had been hostility from a few traders that did not want to pay the extra money, but BID has backed the council many times this year including giving us money for Carpark funding."

Councillor David Webster also added: "Every time we needed something in partnership, they have always come back in support."

Businesses that are subject to the levy that goes to the BID will be the ones who get a vote to determine if the scheme continues.

A postal vote will be launched next week ahead of the vote on the BID's future.

In order for Ulverston BID to be renewed for another five years a majority of the business ratepayers in the BID area must vote in favour of the proposal, both by aggregate rateable value and numbers voting.

The postal ballot, administered by Civica Election Services, will begin tomorrow and end on Thursday, October 22.

The final result of the ballot will be announced by 5pm on Friday, October 23. If the majority vote to continue the scheme, the new term will begin in April 2021.