THOUSANDS of people turned out to Hutton-in-the-Forest over the weekend for a socially distanced good time as Potfest returned for another year.

The grassy knolls of the park were taken over by ceramic delights as the popular festival returned with some changes to ensure safety.

There were sheep, pig planters, floating fish, among other inspired designs for the 3,000 visitors over the weekend to enjoy.

Matt Cox, the organiser, said: “On the whole, I think this has possibly been my favourite event so far in that both the response from the exhibitors, the potters, and from the public was pretty humbling really.

“To see everybody turn out on Friday, the potters with all of their PPE on and the public wearing masks but the second they were outside the tents taking their masks off, smiling, everyone having a good time.

“It was just really nice.”

The event, which took place last weekend, was carefully planned out to ensure safety guidelines were adhered to.

Mr Cox said: “We are social distancing, limiting the ticket numbers, putting a provision in so people can order tickets online if they want to, PPE for the potters, hand sanitiser stations around the site.”

“This event has been going on for the last 20 years and the main thing about the park is that it is quite a relaxed and enjoyable day out.

“We didn’t want people to come and be worried so everything that we have put in place, we have put in place to make it more comfortable for people and to put people at ease a little bit more.”

They made the decision to go ahead with running the show after keeping a close eye on the government guidelines as they were being updated.

When it was announced that open air markets would be fine they made the final decision as Potfest is similar to this.

“We are a little bit different to most of the big art events in that the layout of the show means that there is lots of space between everyone, the sides of the marquees are open so there is a nice breeze running through the show, and it is basically just an outdoor market.”

“Everyone seems to have loved it, I don’t think I have run a show where I have had as many people come up and thank me which is really nice,” he said.

“I think people are just glad to be able to get out.”