A DEDICATED team of specialists has been set up to manage Covid cases in Barrow following a recent increase.

Cumbria’s public health bosses have set up a dedicate incident management team after Covid cases shot up from zero to 11 in the space of the week, as the risk of a second wave becomes ‘significant’.

The announcement came as a new case of the virus was confirmed at BAE in Barrow, with around 25 workers sent home to self-isolate.

Barrow’s MP Simon Fell said it was vital that the town did not revert to a ‘devastating’ second lockdown.

For the week ending September 4, 45 cases of the virus were recorded, up 11 from the previous week.

Health bosses said the numbers were likely to increase through the week.

According to Cumbria County Council, indications are that cases in Barrow are associated with a number of ‘distinct and unrelated clusters’, with infection brought into the town by people returning from elsewhere.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s director of public health, said: “We are now clearly at the point where there is significant risk of a second wave as we head into winter.

“Government is tightening restrictions now to try and prevent that, while also trying to allow society continue to function. This is a difficult balance and inevitably some things may feel contradictory.

“But there is good sense behind what is being put in place and I am fully supportive. We really need everyone to take note of the new regulations and act accordingly. If we fail to get a grip now then there is the risk of further restrictions that no one wants.”

Mr Fell said: “Talking to my colleagues from other areas, local lockdown are devastating and we desperately don’t want to be going backwards into one.

“Anything we can do to stay on top of this is worthwhile.”

It comes as a new case of the virus was confirmed at BAE yesterday.

In response to the positive test, 25 workers were sent home to isolate.

Like the other fives cases recorded at the shipyard earlier this week, the worker was asymptomatic. The case was picked up in a intensive programme of testing BAE has rolled out to ensure the safety of staff and the wider community.

On the latest announcement on gatherings being restricted to six people, Mr Cox added: “I’d urge everyone to stick to the new rules around group sizes, continue to wash your hands regularly, cover your face and maintain social distancing.”