A LAND owner is searching for investors to develop a derelict town centre site into apartments for Barrow’s ‘forgotten generation’.

Sean Readett, 56, is appealing to investors in the area to help develop a piece of land behind The Albion on the corner of Dalton Road and Duke Street.

Known as The Lakes House Site, Mr Readett first purchased the site in 1991 to develop into apartments.

However, the building has been lying empty since then while Mr Readett focussed on his other property, The Victoria Hotel in Church Street, which he recently sold.

The hotel, built in 1857, was closed for ten years before it was snapped up by Mr Readett and given a £100,000 makeover.

Despite the building being heavily fire-damaged, the site was converted into a bar and later a housing complex for vulnerable people.

The hotel was then reopened in January 2002 and became a hostel to help house homeless people in the area.

Across 18 years, the hostel welcomed more than 800 people through its doors

However, now Mr Readett is shifting his efforts towards The Lakes House site which he plans on converting into two blocks of 15 two bedroom apartments for Barrow’s ‘forgotten generation’.

Mr Readett said: “I really want to create social housing for vulnerable people who have found themselves on the street and don’t know where to go.

“I’ve been lucky in life in that I have a family and roof over my head and I feel sad for those people who haven’t had that.

“I’m trying to make a bit of a difference.”

Mr Readett is appealing to any person in the area who may be interested in investing into the development.

“I can’t really afford to do this on my own,” he said.

“So I need the help of any philanthropists or people who just want to help and give back to the local area and people. It’s not a way of making money but doing a good deed for less fortunate people. I want to support those who just need a helping hand.”

If you are interested in the project, contact Mr Readett at seanreadett@yahoo.com.