FROM today gatherings of more than six people across England are illegal - a move to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The number of people that can attend social gatherings will be slashed to six in England after a steep rise in Covid-19 cases across the UK.

The rules apply across England to all ages and in any setting either indoors and outdoors, at home or a pub.

A single household or support bubble that is larger than six will still be able to gather.

Covid-secure venues like places of worship, gyms, restaurants and hospitality settings can still hold more than six in total.

Education and work settings are not affected by the new rules.

Weddings and funerals can still go ahead with a limit of 30 people if conducted in a Covid-secure way.

A number of pubs and eating places in Furness have responded to the new rules issued by Government.

The Farmers Arms issued a statement about the rule of six online.

It said: “As from today, the rule of six will apply.

“This means that any group of six people from different households can have a table at the pub, inside or outside. A group of six people is the maximum allowed by law.

“We will be following this guideline on all accounts.

Whilst we understand it is permissible for single households, including support bubbles to exceed this rule, we will not allow parties greater than six.

“This keeps it simple to understand for both you, our valued guests and our staff.

“Please be very respectful of our guidelines, do not request separate tables for larger separated groups as it will be refused.

“This isn’t to spoil your fun but to protect our team, business and the locality as a whole so you can continue to enjoy safe, excellent service from Chattaway accommodation and Inns.”

The new rule is being put in place after rising numbers of cases in the UK.

Barrow reported the highest incidence of new cases in the county- up from 0 to 11 last week, with residents being urged to keep maintaining social distancing.