A Cumbrian research and development company is part of a consortium which has won a major nuclear decommissioning contract.

Createc will provide research and development support to the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority as part of an ENVISION consortium of companies led by NUVIA.

The consortium will support the NDA as part of a four-year-contract working on its Direct Research Portfolio Framework.

The ENVISION consortium will focus on integrated waste management, site remediation and decommissioning to help shape and underpin the NDA’s overall UK decommissioning strategy, deliver innovation across the NDA estate, and develop technical expertise for the future of the UK Nuclear Industry.

Led by NUVIA, the consortium comprises Createc, Lucideon, TUV Nord UK, NucAdvisor, Cognition Land and Water, Empresarios Agrupados and CIEMAT.

Adrian Davis-Johnston, head of research, development and innovation at NUVIA and the contract manager for the ENVISION consortium, says: “This is an excellent opportunity for NUVIA, and its partners within ENVISION, to play a significant role in the delivery of research and development projects which have the potential to deliver the NDA’s mission and to make integrated waste management, site remediation and decommissioning safer, faster and at a lower cost to the UK taxpayer.”

Dave Clark, operations director for Createc, adds: “At Createc we recognise that the best innovations are born out of collaboration.

“Createc seeks to build relationships with those around them so we can pool knowledge about a domain and develop better solutions.

“Createc aims to bring this culture to the DRP and build collaborations to solve challenges.”

Createc, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in June, focuses on developing solutions for its customers using imaging, sensing and robotics.

Its technology is used in a range of industries, including the civil nuclear, oil and gas, construction, engineering, medical, aerospace, rail, defence and security sectors.

Based in Cockermouth, it has a long-standing track record of working in nuclear decommissioning, including in the development of sensors for the characterisation of redundant nuclear facilities.

Its team is a made up of technical experts in fields such as computer vision, robotics, nuclear measurement and optics and an engineering team which can efficiently build prototype systems and develop them into full products.