A NEW business has relocated to Bowness from Ulverston focusing on selling all things for men.

Andy Poole is keen to cater for tourists as well as becoming a figure in the local community once again with his new shop Original Man Shop based on Quarry Rigg.

The 57-year-old had previously run The Original Men’s Room in Bowness 25 years ago and people in the community will be glad to see him back after opening up a store in Ulverston back in 2017.

The former chief executive of the World of Beatrix Potter Attraction in Bowness said: “The plan was to open the shop in both Bowness and keep the one in Ulverston going, but the pandemic meant I was unable to do this.

“There are a lot more people for passing trade in Bowness but there is a stall in retail and it is not easy with the mask rule, especially in this weather.

“It is strange to have a shop here again but it is a nice community and everyone here is great.

“We do something a bit different here with bamboo socks and scarfs, and Bollox underwear.

“We haven’t been mad busy since opening at the start of the month, but we have been busy.

“There are not many shops around that are just for men, which is why I wanted to open this up.

“I think men deserve to have shops for them too.”

Mr Poole believes he has found a gap in the market with this idea with more men deciding to pamper themselves nowadays. Gift ideas can be found on The Original Men’s Room website at www.tomr.shop/.