SEVERAL developments are on the horizon in the shipyard.

A number of projects being planned by BAE have been granted approval with work due to take place.

The submarine manufacturer announced in 2015 that it would spend around £400m to enable construction of the country’s new nuclear submarines.

Work making up the Site Redevelopment Programme started that year and was planned to be completed in 2023.

Major projects include the recladding of Devonshire Dock Hall in what would represent a significant change to Barrow’s skyline.

Barrow Council recently approved BAE's Car Parking Strategy, with spaces due to be reduced during the major redevelopment.

In a statement making up a recent plan, BAE said: "The proposed scheme comprises 32 projects, many of which are interdependent, which are a combination of new build and refurbishment of existing facilities, including replacement upgrade of existing plant and machinery.

"As such not all projects require planning permission.

"The SRP represents a £300-plus million investment into Barrow Shipyard which is an enabler to the build, test and commissioning of the Successor programme, a fleet of nuclear powered submarines that will enter into service in 2028 and replace the Vanguard-class submarines.

"The construction of the new facilities as part of the SRP and the construction of the remaining Astute class submarines will need to take place concurrently.

"Construction works associated with the SRP commenced in 2015 and are due to be completed by 2023."

The major new build facilities required as part of the SRP include a Primary Build Capability facility to be built within the Devonshire Dock Complex, a new paint facility, a new complex in the central yard area of the site, a nuclear submarine berth and a crew accommodation building.

"The SRP is a major 10 year investment programme to enable delivery of the Successor submarine," the statement said. "It will require several major new developments across the site, in addition to the refurbishment and upgrade of other key facilities. A number of SRP construction projects are now underway."