Amended plans have been approved for the construction of a new steam generation plant at Sellafield.

Plans were originally proved for the scheme in 2017, however new plans were submitted to Copeland Council following an amendment to the design of the plant.

These amended plans have now been given approval by the council.

The construction of the new steam generation plant will involve the demolition of the existing combined combined heat and power plant, on Sellafield's Fellside site.

This new plant will use more efficient technology, which will be more environmentally friendly given it will reduce the environmental impacts associated with steam generation.

As such, it will enable Sellafield to meet its obligations under the Industrial Emissions Directive to reduce its emissions.

Construction work has already begun on the new plant, and is set to continue for the next 18 months to two years. A period of commissioning will then take six months to a year. The plant is expected to begin normal operations in early 2023.

The numbers of construction jobs associated with the original design of the new plant will be unchanged by the amended plans.