An producer of playground equipment has received national recognition for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Playdale Playgrounds, in Haverthwaite, was named as one of the faces of the Government’s “GREAT Inspirations” campaign last week.

The campaign is designed to celebrate those who have worked hard to support their customers, employees or communities by innovatively adapting to a new way of working.

Playdale Playgrounds was chosen for the work they did on the launch of PlayClean, the first outdoor touch-free, automatic, and inclusive hand sanitiser station.

PlayClean comes with alcohol-free sanitiser to make it safe for children and lease packages aimed at helping with the opening of playgrounds as quickly as possible.

Barry Leahey MBE, managing director of Playdale, said: “Children globally have suffered from the closure of playgrounds, and I am proud of the Playdale team that have stepped up to deliver a product and helpful tools which will aid the safe reopening of play areas and yet again children can be heard having fun.

“The fact the UK Government are featuring Playdale and PlayClean the first inclusive, automated and alcohol-free sanitiser station in their GREAT inspirations campaign is amazing and a real boost for the team who have responded so well in the crisis.”

Over 80 companies from across the UK have been selected for the campaign.

Dan Ramsay, director of the GREAT Campaign, said: “In an incredibly difficult period they have adapted and found new markets, new customers and new ways of operating."