As community leaders go, they don't come much more devoted than Tracy Matthews and residents of Schneider Road couldn't be more grateful.

Tracy somehow finds the time to combine three roles into her week.

Not only does she run Schneider Road Community Hub's foodbank, ensuring vulnerable families don't go hungry, but she also works in Dutton's Newsagents and as a dinner lady at St Pius Catholic Primary School.

Such is her devotion, she was working again not long after recently losing her mother to cancer and it was to honour her memory that she raised around £2,000 for St Mary's Hospice, Ulverston after a sponsored head shave.

Laura Doran, whose daughter Myla-Jae Davies attends St Pius, said: "She's been going around delivering stuff for vulnerable people during the whole lockdown.

"She's still working at the school and helping out there, while she's still working at the shop, mainly taking donations.

"She wore a wig every single day for about a month just to make people smile in the shop."

If you're wondering just how Tracy finds the time for all of this, she actually does more during normal circumstances, including running a craft club at the Community Hub.

It's no surprise that children under her care at St Pius have put someone who goes out of her way to help other people forward for Bouquet of the Week.

Laura Doran said: "She'll be made up when she finds out - she'll probably cry!

"Tracey is absolutely lovely, she'll do anything for anyone and always wants to help everyone and she'll really appreciate that's been put forward for this.

"Even when her mum passed away, she was still working in the shop and for the foodbank the day after her mum had passed, trying to raise money for the Hospice and the foodbank by doing that sponsored head shave."

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