A NEW Barrow takeaway was forced to temporarily close - because it was too popular.

Business is booming for the owners of New Taste, who decided to challenge themselves by opening their doors for the first time while in the midst of a global pandemic.

A rush of support has found its way to the business, owned by John He and Grace He, after a quiet opening week resulted in a delivery driver pleading with Barrow residents on social media to help the family- run takeaway.

They wrote: “The new owners have moved here from away and are so, so nice - a family of three.

“They don’t know anyone in Barrow so can’t drum up support like other local business do, so I'm trying to help them.”

The family have recently moved to Barrow from the South of England - and have lots of takeaway experience under their belt.

The driver wrote that in one night the takeaway had only received two orders, but that soon changed when the community rallied to welcome the family with open arms.

Just three days after the plea, the takeaway had to temporarily close as they had run out of food in response to their new found popularity, and have since had to turn off their phone lines during busy periods, as well as limit delivery options due to the high demand for their Chinese cuisine.

Owner John He said: “We want to say sorry to some of the customers for a very long time to wait. Thank you for all your support.

“Please do not come to the shop to place an order as we are unable to take shop orders until further notice due to waiting times being too long. Deliveries orders are welcome through the phone only. We are overwhelmed with how well we are doing and hope everyone gets to try our food soon."