PINTS were pulled, hair was cut and there was plenty of smiles on faces as a major step was taken to bring the country out of lockdown.

Despite the torrential rain on Saturday, many people returned to pubs for the first time since March.

Multiple pubs opened to welcome back their customers with social distancing measures in place.

Many more have decided to remain closed for now.

There was a police presence in Barrow to keep things in check. Wetherspoons was packed and there was plenty of noise coming from the pub.

MK’s had to put out a sign before 4pm on Saturday saying they were at capacity.

One resident said everyone was adhering to social distancing rules.

“It’s marvellous to get out and about again in the pubs,” said Ally Gilmour.

“Nothing beats a nice cold pint from a pint glass in a pub. It is not the same at home.

“Everyone is adhering to the social distancing rules, and it is just great to socialise again.

“The Derby Inn is my local but I’ve been to MK’s today.

“Pubs are community areas and it is good to see them open again.”

The Duke of Edinburgh pub was getting people to sanitise before entering and taking names and phone numbers just in case they need to do track and trace.

Manager Barry Ellis said: “It has been quite busy really. We have been stopping people outside the door then getting them a table and making sure they sanitise their hands.

“It’s been nice getting customers back again.

"We’ve had BAE workers staying so we’ve been keeping busy without them though.

"We keep having to remind people to keep socially distancing though as it’s still quite new."

Dan Charlton, 22, bartender at the Duke of Edinburgh, said: “I’ve not been in work for around 18 weeks now so it is good to be back.

"I have not forgot what to do which is a good thing.”

It was slightly different for the cafes though as most are still only offering takeaways - mainly due to the smaller size of the shops.

One man was out shopping with his partner and spoke about how they have grown in confidence going out of the house.

“We have been out today and had a coffee at our usual spot of Home and Finance which was nice and I have seen some of the pubs have reopened,” he said.

“I think some of the businesses are taking things at their own pace like Clinton’s which is good. Not all the pubs are open either.

“We are gradually getting more confident getting out as the weeks go on and it is good to see many businesses have managed to stay open.

“The Home and Finance cafe was our regular spot before so it’s good to get back and not have to make a coffee ourselves.”

This is what Mail readers had to say over the easing of lockdown:

Stuart Metcalfe said: “I think people have realised how cheap it is staying in. If you go out with the Mrs for a good few drinks, get a Chinese or kebab and get a taxi home you are talking £100. Yet if you get your beer from Asda, Morrisons, Aldi or wherever and get a Chinese you have probably spent £40 or less so for me it's a no brainer staying at home.”

Brenn Falconer said: “In a club now everyone is observing the social distancing rule, not everyone is a complete moron like the policing committee make out. Lives have to return to some sort of normality, we cannot stay indoors forever.”

David Mckee said: “Why go to the pub when you can buy beer a lot cheaper at supermarkets and there is a good chance when it's in a can it won’t be watered-down.”

Scott Nattrass said: “Pubs packed as selfish brain dead morons effect the lives of millions because they fancied a pint. Traditional British culture at the wrong time.”

Michael Conlin said: “Lots of sirens going off around the town centre...let's give the police even more of a hard time.”