PEDESTRIANS have called for action on Ulverston town centre’s traffic ‘nightmare’ after plans to ban vehicles from Market Street were ‘taken off the table’.

Cumbria County Council has confirmed there are no plans to pedestrianise the town although there have been calls from our readers and a Labour councillor for change. Readers took to social media to voice their views.

Rachel Kirkby said: “The last time I visited the town it was a nightmare.

“I have a toddler and I just wouldn’t be able to relax and wander through the town with her.”

Stephanie Wiggins said: “To just pedestrianise Market Place as it is on market days would be lovely.

“The pubs and cafes there could then have outside seating areas. It would look very continental and attract visitors to the town.”

Gary Dover said: “There is no reason for cars to drive in the centre.Think of others and make the town safe.”

A spokesperson for Cumbria County Council said: “Cumbria County Council is supporting South Lakeland District Council to introduce temporary measures in the South Lakeland area to help facilitate the re-opening of towns and high streets whilst maintaining the latest public health guidance from government regarding social distancing.

“There are no current plans to pedestrianise Ulverston town centre.”

But Cumbria county councillor Mark Wilson said talks to make the town centre safer for those on foot is ‘still very much an option’.

He said: “There is a strong demand from many businesses for the town centre to be redesigned to benefit pedestrians. No independent vote of traders has taken place. It’s still in discussion.”

Earlier in the week, Conservative councillor James Airey said businesses would be ‘severely disadvantaged’ if the town centre was to be pedestrianised.

“We are looking at ways to make the centre of town safer for pedestrians but will not be considering anything radical," he said. "The existing shops in the town need supporting and the overwhelming message I’ve received from business owners is that they don’t want the town pedestrianised."