Music plays a huge part of most peoples lives and a lot of people have now turned to listening digitally. For Cumbria, a new station has arrived and it hopes to showcase talent from the area with live DJ sets.

For one savvy business owner, they have decided to take on the radios and give people the chance to listen to new versions of the music they love.

Emmanuel Boateng, 37 from Harraby is the owner of JMA occasions and has a plethora of DJs on his books who have all been out of work during the lockdown.

Rather than rest on his laurels, he decided to create an online radio platform to showcase talented musicians.

The music fan said: "It's all just for fun but I want people to be able to have something different to listen to. At the moment when you have the radio on you tend to find they play the most popular songs over and over again, this is great at the time but you soon get fed up listening to the same music.

"My idea is for people to be able to hear different music sets by different Djs who will all be available to hire for functions.

"So far we have had more than 1000 people tune in to the station which is great as we have only been on the air for a few weeks."

A previous student of Cumbria University Mr Boateng is originally from London and after marrying his wife who is from Carlisle decided to move to the area and make it his permanent home.

Running a radio station was always part of his plans to show off talent but it was something for the future after the pandemic hit he thought what better way to keep up with music fans.

He added: "By doing this it helps create a type of portfolio for the Dj and gives people a chance hear the music they play before they hire them.

"We play 24 hours a day and 12 hours of that is live and hopefully in the future, we will be able to host talk shows."