A COLLEGE is gearing up to launch a new initiative to secure training for apprentices in the wake of coronavirus.

The new scheme will secure training for 100 apprentices within 100 days.

It will run from July 1 to October 9 and aims to help potential apprentices secure meaningful employment with local businesses, as well as making it easier for employers to invest in skills development and recruitment.

It is predicted that coronavirus could see more than 600,000 people under the age of 25 without employment, risking long-term damage to their career prospects.

Carlisle College is excited to be working in association with Carlisle City Council on the project as well as a number of other strategic partners.

With more than 250 new apprenticeship candidates for the 20/21 academic year, the college is hoping to secure employers' support to find candidates for positions within local organisations.

Grant Glendinning, principal of Carlisle College, said: “Carlisle College is proud to launch 100 in 100, an initiative to help boost skills and productivity growth within our region.

“As a local provider of post-16 education and training, we are keen to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on future learners by helping support and create apprenticeship opportunities.

“100 in 100 is designed to accelerate growth, productivity and employment opportunities through skills acquisition and development.”

Leader of Carlisle City Council, Councillor John Mallinson, said: “We’re pleased to support the 100 in 100 Carlisle College project.

“We are doing all we can to support our local economy and would encourage businesses to sign up to the initiative.

“We are proud to have a well-established apprenticeship programme and will continue supporting the development of our employees.”

A dedicated 100 in 100 section of the Carlisle College website is set to go-live in support of the initiative.

This will provide employers with an online space to collaborate, share best practice, and celebrate training and apprenticeship success.

Carlisle College currently works with more than 700 apprentices across 350 local leading businesses and has an extensive apprenticeship provision of more than 30 programmes including adult care, business administration, construction, customer service, digital marketing, engineering, IT and motor vehicle.

Their programmes range from Level 2 through to degree level apprenticeships.

100 in 100 is designed to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on future learners by helping support the apprenticeship supply chain, securing 100 apprenticeship opportunities in 100 days.

To find out more about how you can support 100 in 100, please contact apprenticeships@carlisle.ac.uk.