A LEADING Cumbrian legal firm has appointed a new marketing and practice development manager.

Rachel Cook joined Bendles, which has its head office in Carlisle, to help the firm focus on its plans for growth across the region.

It said it had used the coronavirus lockdown period to develop strategies for its future.

Bendles said: “Understanding that marketing is still essential to bringing in revenue, the firm’s long-term investment looks set to enhance their position and ensure clients remain informed.”

Rachel began her career working for an international PR agency she then moved into the veterinary sector as a product manager where she specialised in strategic promotions and market trends.

Rachel Cook said: “Bendles instinctively understood why it was important to invest in an area that many businesses are currently pulling away from.

“Marketing during a potential economic downturn can often fall to the bottom of the priorities list, viewed as an additional cost.

“However, this is an error of judgement; now is the time to be reaching out to customers and clients and displaying stability.”

Jonty Hanlon, partner at Bendles, added; “Expanding our team mid-lockdown to include a marketing specialist was a strategic business decision.

“It might seem counterintuitive at a time when other businesses are tightening their belts, but we felt confident Rachel’s skills and experience would provide a good return on investment for the firm.

“It’s more important to us than ever that our existing clients feel informed and supported during the health pandemic and have the right resources to manage the growing demand for legal advice we are anticipating.”