More than 10,000 people in Cumbria are apprentices and the training is among the most successful in the country, latest figures reveal.

The Department for Education recently published apprenticeship performance tables, which revealed:

  • 71 per cent of all Cumbrian apprentices achieve their apprenticeship programme – the second highest in the country;
  • Nearly 80 per cent of 16 to18-year olds achieve – the highest rate for this age group in the country;
  • 74 per cent of 19 to 24-year-olds achieve – the second highest in the country;
  • Achievement of advanced apprentices is at 76 per cent - the highest in the country and
  • Achievement for young people in advanced apprenticeships is over 85 per cent - the highest in the country.

The performance figures have been welcomed by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.

Mike Smith OBE, board member and chair of its people, employment and skills strategy group, said: “The apprenticeship programme in Cumbria is essential in helping employers to secure a high quality workforce and to help apprentices to secure the career they aspire to.

“Young people who commence their career with an apprenticeship receive innovative, high quality support, which means that they are better able to secure the skills that their employers need here in Cumbria.

“This in turn supports the development of the skills needed for the key sectors in our economy, such as advanced manufacturing, visitor economy, health and social care, construction, professional services and the creative and cultural industries.”

Craig Ivison, the partnership's head of skills, said: “We welcome the continued success of the apprenticeship programme in Cumbria and encourages employers to continue to support the programme at this critical time as they look to address the challenges posed by Covid-19.

"A highly skilled workforce will be critical to support economic recovery.

“Apprenticeships can help our talented young people succeed in their careers, matching real job opportunities to their aspirations.”