A TOWN centre could soon see one-way pedestrian systems on its streets in a bid to prevent further spread of coronavirus post-lockdown.

South Lakeland District Council is discussing a one-way pedestrian scheme in various south Cumbria towns including Ulverston to help contain further infection after the lockdown is lifted.

Market Street and and New Market Street in Ulverston would benefit from the pedestrianised zones, aided by numerous signs, which will separate walkers heading in different directions.

There would also be queue zone areas for those waiting to access the one-way pavements.

The scheme would not only reduce close contact of pedestrians but also encourage drivers to ditch their cars for a more environmentally-friendly option.

Cllr Mark Wilson has welcomed the idea as a way to contain further Covid-19 infection rates in the town.

He said: “At this time it’s worth trying anything to help contain the virus.

“Once the lockdown is lifted and all the schools go back, the town will become heavily congested again so one-way pedestrian zones are a great idea in ensuring people aren’t in very close contact with one another and spreading the virus.

“It’s also a way to make the town centre less dominated by cars and more pedestrian-friendly.

“I’m in favour of anything which promotes clean air in the town.”

Talks are in place to implement the one-way pedestrian system after lockdown restrictions are eased.