No further action is to be taken against the former leader of Allerdale Council after an alleged argument with a colleague resulted in a standards complaint.

Councillor Stephen Stoddart, leader of the Allerdale Independents, had claimed that Councillor Marion Fitzgerald “shouted and screamed” at him in “a very aggressive manner” after he questioned budget proposals and submitted a complaint to the authority.

Speaking after the council confirmed it would not be taking the complaint further, Mrs Fitzgerald said: “I haven’t really got anything to add other than it was a case of members of the executive having to take on certain responsibilities and it was apparent that that wasn’t the case with all of the members.

“That’s basically what the issue was about.

“I didn’t expect the complaint to be upheld and indeed it hasn’t been.”

Mr Stoddart, who was the executive member for housing at the time, had posted a 552-word statement about the incident on Facebook which Mrs Fitzgerald, who is an independent councillor not affiliated to Mr Stoddart’s group, previously said was “full of inaccuracies and untruths”.

He claimed he was seeking clarification on proposals for the budget and questioned proposals to charge residents for replacement household bins as well as moving cash from the budget for a new stadium for other development.

A spokesman for Allerdale Council said: “The complaint made against Mrs Fitzgerald by Mr Stoddart has been considered under the usual complaints procedure.

“The decision is that no further action is to be taken.”

In February Mrs Fitzgerald made the shock announcement that she would be stepping down from her role as leader, blaming her departure on some fellow executive members neglecting important duties and bringing negativity to every discussion.

She was also frustrated by some members’ “unshakable distrust of staff and fellow members”.

After Mrs Fitzgerald’s resignation as leader, deputy Mike Johnson took on the position in the interim. A new leader will have to be voted by full council.