Cumbria's recycling sites are braced for a busy weekend as demand on the centres continues to ramp up following the reopening this week.

All 14 of Cumbria County Council's household waste recyling centres (HWRCs) across the county started back up on Tuesday after being closed since March in response to the government lockdown and movement restrictions.

They are offering a restricted service, with contractors Renewi and Cumbria Waste Management adapting in line with government guidance.

Councillor Celia Tibble, who is the council's cabinet member for environment, warned people should be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes and potentially hours and should only visit the centres if they are unable to safely store the waste at home or dispose of it through other legitimate routes such as a dedicated collection.

She said the majority of people who used the centres since they reopened had stuck to the guidance and been understanding and respectful of staff, and urged them to continue to do so over what is expected to be a particularly busy weekend.

"We're finding that day by day it is getting busier so we think this weekend might be really busy," she said.

"The message has always been that if you can store your rubbish or whatever it is safely at home, don't go.

"If you can't, then do take it but be prepared to wait.

"Be prepared, when you arrive, to move whatever you have in your vehicle on your own, and be thoughtful."

Coun Tibble said the council had deployed people to handle traffic management at centres but advised that people intending to use the centres could also help by leaving gaps in the queue for people trying to access other premises.

"Think about where you are in your vehicle and where other people might need to access," she added.

"Remember that the situation is not the traffic operative's fault, or the HWRC worker's fault."

The HWRC site rules can be viewed on the county council's website at