MORE details on plans to build a new hotel, office space, a restaurant and drive-through in Workington have been revealed.

J Dixon & Son LTD, a family business established in Whitehaven in 1882, already received outline permission for the development in 2016.

Now the company, which runs Dunmail Park and owns the land opposite at St Helen's business park, where the development is due to be built, has submitted all the details of the proposal.

The development would also provide retail space, including a car show room.

William Dixon said: "We would like to supply a very substantial amount of high quality office space. Part of the reasoning is sustained demand for Sellafield off-siting of offices.

"To compliment the office development we propose to support it with a medium sized hotel with a rooftop heliport. We will also include a restaurant to cater for the users of the offices and a drive-through restaurant which will support both the existing shopping centre and new development.

"Both existing and new development would benefit from a substantial junction improvement and the added safety of fully integrated pedestrian crossings.

"There’s still flexibility in our plans to incorporate a rail platform should the local authority wish to co-operate with us and a future tenant to help provide that. The advantage for the office user could include the private use of such an amenity.

"We have incorporated the potential to develop a similar sized department store to the one we operate in Whitehaven."

Plans submitted reveal the design of the new units are "based on strong geometric proportions, with

clean lines and straight edges to create a bold, contemporary feel."

They will feature a mix of pitched and and flat roofs and the colour palette is designed to tie into the local area, with red multi-brick and terracotta cladding and a light grey stone one.

As a reference to Cumbrian slate roofs, all new window and door frames, roof flashings and trims are proposed in a dark grey colour.

The application has been submitted now to comply with planning requirements, however Mr Dixon said thee trigger for acceleration of the development could be the demand for office space or the family business' requirements for retail space.

He added: "It may be possible for us to start with the junction depending on the demand from users in the near future."

The development is expected to create around 575 and add £25.4m per year to the local economy. Mr Dixon said: "It’s an annual figure which accounts for everything generated by the development including wages, labour productivity, hotel nights, car sales, retail sales."

Allerdale council has launched a consultation into the plans.

Residents have time to comment until May 8