Charities across Barrow have benefitted from donations from toilet paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark.

Staff from the company’s facility in Park Road have donated packs of Andrex toilet and Kleenex tissues to Barrow Foodbank, Age UK Barrow and District, Furness Homeless Support Group and Project John.

Site director Graham Ellis said: “As a large employer in the area, we at Kimberly-Clark in Barrow are committed to the local community and in supporting local charities where possible.

“With the recent panic buying seen across the country, leaving some of our most vulnerable in society at risk, we felt it was the right time to send donations of Andrex toilet roll and Kleenex facial tissue to a few chosen charities to support those in greatest need.”

Production of toilet paper at the Barrow factory has been ramped up in recent weeks due to panic buying fuelled by the escalating coronavirus crisis.

The company has insisted there will be a “steady supply of products” and joined retailers in insisting there was no need to panic buy.

Some supermarkets have imposed limits on the number of toilet rolls customers can buy in an attempt to solve the problem.