THE coronavirus outbreak has now killed five people in Cumbria.

The latest update for Covid-19 fatalities in the county has been confirmed in the last hour.

Three of the people who have died were from north Cumbria and two from the south of the county.

There are also now 79 confirmed cases in Cumbria - though the actual number of people infected will be higher as that figure does not include people who have not been tested and who may be self-isolating at home.

A few hours before the figures were released, the county's Director Public Health Colin Cox said there were still too many Cumbrians who are ignoring the vital "social distancing" message that health chiefs say is the best way of slowing the spread of the virus and allowing the local NHS staff to care properly for the most seriously ill.

Experts have repeatedly warned that services may be overwhelmed if too many people become seriously ill at once.

According to some reports, Silloth was crowded at the weekend, with many people determined to go out and about to enjoy the sunshine with their families.

"We have to take this seriously," said Mr Cox.

He said that if people continue to gather together in that way and ignore the government's advice stricter controls imposed.

Some parts of Europe are now effectively in lockdown, with people allowed to go out only to collect vital supplies.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock described those people who were not socially distancing themselves as "very selfish".

He warned that the government would take tougher action if necessary. Photos have been published today of crowds visiting open spaces across the UK.

Emergency legislation could grant powers aimed at tackling the pandemic are to be debated by MPs later.

Meanwhile, the UK's death toll rose to 281.

Those who died included an 18-year-old with an underlying health condition.

NHS in England has announced it has identified - and is contacting - 1.5 million of the most at-risk people who should now stay at home for 12 weeks.

Parents are being urged to keep their children at home unless "absolutely necessary."

There are now 5,683 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

On Friday, the coronavirus death toll in Cumbria stood at two.

The global death toll has now passed 15,000 and the number of confirmed is more than 350,000.