The fact that no statement has been made on how National League clubs are going to be supported through the coronavirus pandemic is something that concerns Barrow AFC manager Ian Evatt.

There’s no guarantee the 2019/20 non-League season will conclude, with that level of the game not having the resources to indefinitely suspend the campaign until the worst of the crisis is over, as the Premier League and EFL did last week.

The EFL even set up a £50 million relief fund for their clubs, but in order for the National League to do something similar (albeit on a smaller scale), they would like have to go, cap in hand, to the Football Association for aid.

Given the vast amounts of money swapping hands at the top of the game, Evatt is questioning why some of this isn’t filtering down to help clubs in the football pyramid survive what is an unprecedented situation.

Evatt said: “I haven’t heard any statements from the Premier League or the EFL, or the FA, suggesting how they’re going to help these clubs. It’s the National League asking for help and support, but I’ve not seen one statement coming out to say we’re going to support these clubs.

“We are ingrained in British, and English, society. The towns that we come from - Barrow, for instance - rely on that football team and I just don’t understand the thinking behind it all at the minute.

“Yes, there is a bigger picture here; the rest of the country’s health and their job security and keeping people away from this virus is obviously the most important thing.

“But there is going to come a point when this virus is going to go and at the end of it, it might not only take lives but it might take football clubs and livelihoods and people’s jobs as well.

“Decisions need to be made right now. There’s no time to be putting it off for two or three weeks, decisions need to be made right now for the interest of the game, for the interest of the clubs and the interest of the towns where they come from.

“Supporters, people’s jobs, people’s livelihoods, the players etc need to know where they stand.”

It’s the uncertainty of it all that is the worst aspect for Evatt, whose players are currently training from home with no access to any gyms or any knowledge of when they’ll be able to take to the field again.

There is also the matter of whether the Bluebirds, who lead the National League by four points, would be allowed up into League Two is the rest of the season is cancelled.

“It’s the not knowing that’s the worst,” Evatt said. “It’s the not knowing when we’re going to play next, or what’s going to happen, or how many clubs are going to go out of business.

“Luckily for us, we’ve got a board, a chairman and a fanbase that are really supportive and understand we need to keep this club running.”