A LAKE District woman has found the paw-fect location for expanding her dog grooming business and allowing her to work with larger breeds.

Rosie Hulme, 53, of Windermere, set up JustLoveDogs in 2016, offering grooming, pet-sitting, walking and teeth cleaning services to locals’ and tourists’ four-legged friends. She previously worked as a civil servant and as a counter clerk at the town’s post office.

“I have aways loved dogs. I have always loved animals. It just seemed the right path to take really,” she said.

“(Setting up the business) is the best thing I ever did. I should have done it years ago.

“I just love being with animals. How they greet you. Spending time with them. How happy they are.”

And Miss Hulme was fortunate enough to stumble upon an ideal location for expanding her business when she noticed a studio-building sitting in the garden of one of her clients on Thornbarrow Road, also in Windermere.

After dropping her client’s dog off, she remarked that the building would make a good grooming parlour and, to her delight, she was offered the use of it.

The location is ideal, due to the size of the studio, its proximity to Miss Hulme’s own home, and the absence of neighbours meaning there will be no disturbance caused by barking dogs.

Planning permission has now been granted by South Lake District Council to turn the ‘summerhouse’ into a dog grooming parlour and, though there are still some preparations to be made, Miss Hulme is hoping to get working there “as soon as possible.”

At the moment the largest dog she can groom at her own home is a miniature labradoodle, but she will be able to take on clients with larger dogs in the new parlour.