A vote will be held later this year to determine the future of Ulverston's Business Improvement District.

The improvement district is a ratepayer-funded that aims to regenerate town centre high streets through attracting investment and organising business-friendly events.

A postal ballot, with a voting window of 28 days, will be held in the coming months to decide whether the Ulverston BID should be renewed or not.

Jan Hancock, chair of Ulverston BID, said: "'The BID has been busy preparing for the 2020 revote collating all the information from the past initiatives and addressing the next five-year plans for the BID to deliver on behalf of the businesses that support it, making Ulverston stronger together for the benefit of all that use and live in the town.

"More detail will be available soon in the business plan about the exciting plans for the next five years, but to make these work and to continue with the past projects and support for the Town you must vote yes to make it happen.

"The BID is also enjoying increased partnership workings with both business and community. This is enabling the BID to deliver in partnership some major projects that in the past were not able to be implemented with a long-term plan for the town."

The BID worked with Ulverston in Bloom for the Cumbria in Bloom competition, revealed in November that it was working towards providing free wi-fi in the town centre

Ahead of the vote, Katie Holmes, co-owner of Market Street giftware shop, Squirrel, said: "I am in favour of the BID in principle but I think it requires too much administration that is often fruitless."

Another shop owner said it was 'too early' to vote down the BID.

They added: "Some people think it's made mistakes, but I think it should be allowed time to grow and learn from any errors made. It would be a shame to ditch it now.

"Though I do think they could hold more meetings where traders can voice their opinions and their concerns about the BID's management."