A taste of the high life is being brought to luxury boat owners across the globe by a Barrow business.

It is all smooth sailing for Carabarlife after it brokered a deal with Cumbria Hot Tubs to launch its range of marine, hot tub, and pool bar products in Austria and France.

The business is the brainchild of two local businessmen who have joined forces to form a new company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of a unique portable bar system aimed at the marine, leisure and hospitality industries.

Phil Robinson, commercial director of Carabarlife, said: “Developing and launching any new product is a real journey of discovery, and we were determined to use UK suppliers to support our sales both in the UK and overseas.

“Through our development and testing, we quickly established that the design lends itself to other harsh environments beyond the boating world.

“Hot tubs and swimming pools were an obvious crossover, and we are looking forward to bringing our products to those markets too.”

The company’s flagship product is the Boat Bar, which is designed to accommodate five different mounting positions making the product truly universal.

Made from marine-grade and high-density materials, the Boat Bar is fully weather-proof and offers boat owners a way of stowing glasses and bottles that is both secure and accessible.

After formally establishing the company in October 2019, Carabarlife have made an immediate impact with an overseas distribution and agency agreement being signed for selling the product in Austria and France.

This important step marks the beginning of a large scale growth strategy: similar deals are in the pipeline for countries even further afield, including the US and Australia, and the company recently opened discussions with agents in Spain and Scandinavia with a view to launching in those markets in the new year.

In addition, the company is in talks with UK hot tub suppliers and hotel chains who have expressed an interest in the product for their direct sales, as well as corporate events, weddings, and patio drinks parties. Carabarlife’s innovative product lends itself to full customisation, an important feature from day one of the design process.