A RECENT report has revealed that the 1,777 new homes built in Cumbria from 2017 to 2018 have had a huge economic impact on the county.

The House Builders Federation report, based on research from Lichfield says overall, housing supply in Cumbria has increased by 63 per cent.

Carlisle’s housing supply has seen a 134 per cent increase; Eden seven per cent; Allerdale 152 per cent ; Barrow 75 per cent and South Lakeland 37 per cent. Copeland was the only area to see a decrease at -25 per cent.

The report added that an additional £116,544,645 of economic activity was generated in 2017/18 compared with five years previously; home building sustained 2,130 jobs directly and in the wider supply chain and led to an extra £18,095,030 of annual expenditure in local shops last year compared with five years earlier.

Nicky Gordon is the managing director of Genesis Homes, based in Penrith, and chair of Cumbria House Builders Group.

He said: “We’ve always believed that the house building industry makes a significant contribution to Cumbria’s economy but even we’ve been surprised by the headline figures being quoted by Lichfield’s research.

“The Cumbria House Builders Group.consists of 10 developers from both regional and national companies, and between us we are a major employer as well as a supporter of the local supply chain.

“Through our developments we make significant contributions to infrastructure and amenities, while building and nurturing communities.

“We deliver jobs both on and off-site and this creates real economic advantages for suppliers and services too.”