David Miller is a man with a plan.

Managing director of IT company Miller Waite, based at the Marl Business Hub in Ulverston, it is his clear ambition to grow the company to become a business with a £5m turnover in the next three years.

So far, the firm is definitely on track, with its turnover growing each year.

David set up the company in 1994, building, maintaining, supporting and designing IT systems for clients across Cumbria.

It offers a data back-up and disaster recovery service, as well as developing bespoke data management software for businesses.

David said recently the company had been mainly focusing on developing a new software named mimis which can collate and manage a vast array of data in one place.

“This has got some groundbreaking tech in it and it really is for businesses that are going somewhere and want to improve their processes and their efficiencies and take away the myriad of third party applications and spreadsheets,” he said.

“You can have everything in one place on the desktop and at the press of a button know exactly where the business is.

“You would have a CRM attached to it and a quoting system and a stock management system and a production system, vehicle fleet management, HMRC integration.”

Companies currently using the software include AW Jenkinson Forest Products, near Penrith.

“When they get to full swing with mimis they will be putting through £1 billion of transactions a year,” said David.

Miller Waite successfully applied for £46,000 from the GSK Enterprise Fund to help it expand its reach and launch a recruitment drive to increase staff numbers by six to 23.

Two new members of staff are already in place.

David added: “We are on a mission to increase the size of the business considerably.

"We’ve done 30 per cent growth in the last two years and we are probably going to be on 40 per cent this year.

"We are doing that by reaching out further and spreading the word.”

David said the company was working hard to spread the market for mimis in particular, and the Miller Waite brand to other parts of the country.

The company added a new string to its bow by sending some of its staff on a cybersecurity training course with GCHQ, which has enabled it to become one of 165 GDPR auditing companies in the country.

David said it was a requirement of companies including such as BAE Systems and Sellafield Ltd, that the firms in their supply chain are GDPR compliant.

He added: “New products like the GDPR and mimis are helping us spread our wings.