PRODUCTIVITY is a key indicator of the health of the economy. It’s based on a ratio of what you get out, and what you put in - just like the miles per gallon from a car. Since the financial crisis, the UK’s productivity performance has flatlined and, in the past year, it has gone backwards. The recent ONS productivity figures confirm a fourth consecutive quarter of stagnant productivity which places the UK on the verge of a productivity recession. 

In his September spending review, Sajid Javid even put a price on the problem: £5,000 a year, for every household. Think about that. If productivity had continued to grow at levels prior to the financial crisis, average annual wages today would be £5,000 higher.  

Tony Danker, CEO of the business-led productivity movement, Be the Business, said that “Uncertain times may not be good for business investment, but they can be good for business readiness. And now is the right time for UK businesses to study the best around them – their pioneering peers in the UK or other countries.” 

Recognising the importance of family-owned and operated businesses in Cumbria, Be the Business has launched a programme of powerful initiatives to get these businesses talking, learning, and driving up their productivity together. 

As part of this programme, Be the Business has partnered with the Family Business Network to run the first of a series of “Open Business Days”. On Thursday, November 28, two of Cumbria’s leading businesses, Kendal Nutricare, and Low Sizergh Barn, will open their doors to other local firms to share how they have improved their productivity. It is businesses that have their hands on the levers that count to improve the immediate future in the environment they operate in. 

As part of the day, attendees will be taken on tours of the host businesses’ facilities, which will be followed by presentations and networking opportunities. They could receive advice on everything from operational efficiency to engaging their teams in dynamic ways. The day aims to foster inter-business conversation, encouraging leaders to discuss and evaluate their operations. 

Be the Business is a not-for-profit, on a mission to improve the UK’s productivity. We’re doing it by helping small and medium-sized business leaders do more of what they do best: improve, inspire and innovate. Join our mission here.

Business Leaders from family firms can register here to secure their place at Open Business Day. Tickets are £15 per person and spaces are limited.