A PETITION is calling for a referendum that will give the people of Allerdale a voice.

Cumbria First, a political party set-up in the county this year, has drawn inspiration from campaigners in Copeland by trying to launch a referendum to give the people of Allerdale a say in electing a mayor to lead the council.

Jonathan Davies, leader of the party, said: “We believe it is important to the people of Allerdale and all of the councils in Cumbria to have a directly elected leader of the council that delivers for them and is accountable directly to the people.

“We believe that given recent events with the current executive, it’s time for a change; a change that will deliver a directly elected mayor with a cross-party cabinet made up of members representing everybody in Allerdale.”

A spokesman for Allerdale Council said: “The council agreed in July 2019 to carry out a review of its governance arrangements; a constitution working group has been set up and is currently looking at options.

“Any petition for a change of governance that is presented to council will need to meet strict legislative requirements in order to trigger a referendum. If those criteria are met the council will be obliged to hold a referendum within a statutory timescale.” The petition needs 3,715 signatures.