An engineering firm says it has seen a jump in enquiries after launching a new website.

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd, in Kendal, has been working with digital marketing firm Fat Media, in Lancaster, to re-design its site.

Since the new website has been relaunched, traffic to the site has been up 15 per cent based on the same previous period and online enquiries have increased 72 per cent.

Gilkes works in over 85 countries producing hydro power turbines and pumps.

The work by Fat Media involved improving navigation and taking a "mobile first approach", as well as work to the make the content more engaging.

Julia Chaplin, marketing manager at Gilkes, said: “We now have a fresh, engaging site for both our hydro and pump audiences to learn about our solutions, applications and products. Although demanding at times, it was one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on.”

Fat media account manager Andy Frobisher said: “Gilkes is an amazing business with an incredible heritage of over 166 years.

"They have international renown and boast a royal warrant, what they wanted from the website was to really showcase that heritage and expertise.

“It was vital for Gilkes to showcase their past work as they have some incredible case studies which really help support sales for the business, but we needed to help users navigate quickly to the information they needed on past projects.

"We developed an interactive map of case studies where users can easily navigate to the details they want, and also see at a glance the international scope of work being undertaken.”