Calls have been made for a new coach park in a bid to avoid “chaotic” scenes during the summer in one of the busiest parts of the Lake District.

Secretary of the Windermere and Bowness Chamber of Commerce, Adrian Faulkner, said incidents of coaches blocking roads around Bowness and Windermere would not be resolved unless a “reasonably-sized” park was found.

His call comes after “unprecedented” numbers of coaches carrying thousands of visitors caused “havoc” on roads in the hugely popular area.

Mr Faulker said he had taken a photo of a coach parked on the A5074 Lake Road, blocking access to North Terrace in Bowness, causing lengthy tailbacks as other traffic tried to get past.

"We do not want the coach passengers turning away, but we'd like a bit more responsibility from the coach drivers as to how they deal with the situation,” he said.

Julie Hartley, clerk at Windermere Town Council, said that coaches were parking "all over the place", including up on pavements, to drop off and pick up holidaymakers.

She believes that an increased number of international visitors travelling by coach was responsible for the “unprecedented” numbers of vehicles this summer.

A local bed and breakfast owner, who did not wish to be named, highlighted the issue on Rayrigg Road, is regularly partially blocked by parked coaches. 

"There are pros and cons,” they said.

"(The high number of coaches) is a good thing in that it's possibly reducing the number of cars coming into the Lake District. If it's not reducing the number of cars then it's bringing extra visitors into the Lake District.

"All of the people on these coaches are international visitors, so it's bringing international visitors into the area.

“The con is that there doesn't appear to be enough coach parking in Bowness."

Nigel Wilkinson, managing director of Windermere Lake Cruises, said he believed there was “ample opportunity” for coach parking, adding: "I think it's important that we recognise the benefits that visitors can bring, particularly if they are travelling sustainably to the area, and then moving around the area sustainably using public transport."

A meeting involving Windermere Town Council, the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA), the National Trust, Windermere Lake Cruises and South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) was recently held to discuss the issue.

An SLDC spokesperson said: "We have agreed that, for the council’s part, we will consider whether any of our car parks in the area could potentially accommodate some form of coach parking.’’

Emma Moody, the LDNPA's lead strategy adviser for recreation and sustainable transport, added: “Coach tours or group travel are an important part of the Lake District visitor economy.

"As large numbers of visitors can be accommodated on one vehicle they are also an efficient and sustainable way to travel.

"We will work with partners to ensure information is available, which advises which roads are suitable for these vehicles and details the availability of coach parking throughout the Lake District.

"Our local plan policies take account of the need for improved coach parking where there is high demand."