Barrow’s nuclear marine terminal has passed another milestone in its safety record.

The facility, owned and run by International Nuclear Services, has successfully completed

5,555 days without a lost-time accident.

That figures takes the terminal to 15 years, three months and 17 days without an incident that has

led to a member of staff needing to take time off work.

Rob Wood, terminal manager, said: “It is testament to the procedures we have in place, and the awareness of our dedicated staff that this safety milestone has been reached.

“For a facility like ours, that carries out a number of operations involving heavy machinery and in

often adverse conditions, to pass 5,555 days without incident is something I, and the entire team, is

extremely proud of.”

Ben Whittard, the INS director responsible for safety, security and environment, also lauded the

Barrow team.

He said: “The safety of our colleagues is of paramount importance.

“Ensuring safety at the terminal, in our offices, on board the vessels or wherever our colleagues are

across the world, is our number one priority at INS.

“This record demonstrates the care and vigilance the Barrow team apply to every activity they carry

out and visitor that comes to the terminal. They should be incredibly proud.

“But I know the team won’t just sit on this success and I’m excited to see how they can continue to

improve our safety performance at the terminal even further.”