After a decade of meticulous planning, on July 20, 1969, NASA pulled-off one of mankind’s greatest achievements – putting a man on the Moon.

One of the masterminds behind this incredible feat was NASA’s Director of Flight Operations, Chris Kraft. He focused on all the steps and processes necessary to ensure the mission succeeded. 

“Whatever the situation, the Apollo astronauts knew one thing was certain: the guy with the plan controlled the mission” – Chris Kraft

Running a business presents a different set of challenges but a well-prepared, forward-thinking business plan will help keep you on track. Don’t we all love it when a plan comes together?

Devising a plan to help your business develop and grow is important for all commercial ventures. It’s one of the first things a bank or other investor look for if you’re seeking financial support.

They want to know that you’ve considered how you’re going to market and grow the business, what processes are in place to help you manage the business and what resources are available to drive the business forward.

A good, well thought-out business plan doesn’t need to be complex or over-worked. You can start by asking yourself a few key questions, such as ‘Where are we now?’, ‘Where do we want to be?’, ‘How do we get there?’ and ‘What must we do?’ Very quickly you can begin to build a picture of what you need to do to achieve your business goals and the steps required to get there. 

Of course, it can be useful to get an outside perspective, which is where the Growth Hub can help. We can advise on all aspects of planning and provide the support you need to develop and grow your business.

Get the support you need

There are lots of ways the Growth Hub can help you meet the challenges of running a successful business, often for free.

A Growth Hub adviser can help you review your goals and put together an action plan and support package, drawing on Growth Hub and wider offers. 

Our Consultancy Scheme offers a 40 per cent grant of up to £4,000 towards working with, for example, a management consultant of your choice, or a specialist in areas such as market research, social media or branding and design. 

Signing up for the Cumbria Forum with Lancaster University will enable you to hone your leadership and management skills and build a support network with other businesses.

More widely we can link you into training opportunities for you and your staff in areas such as digital marketing and e-commerce.

Our web portal offers access to a wealth of resources including podcasts, videos, training and events, case studies and more. 

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Make the most of the support that’s on offer to get your business working harder for you.

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