A Cumbrian man has been named baker of the year.

Aidan Monks, of Lovingly Artisan at Plumgarths near Kendal, was given the accolade at the Baking Industry Awards 2019.

Lovingly Artisan also won the Bakery Innovation Award at the event.

Aidan was given the award at the Royal Lancaster hotel in London on Wednesday September 4.

“Dietary fibre is an important ingredient of healthy food products. I use raw milks, ancient heritage grains, and double fermentation,” said Aidan.

“Baking is an ancient art and this understanding lies at the heart of all we do."

Lovingly Artisan, established in 2010, specialises in handcrafted, slow-fermented traditional breads, made using a 30-year-old sourdough starter and all-natural ingredients.

“We supply breads to numerous hotels and catering businesses across Cumbria, Cheshire, north Lancashire and Greater Manchester,” said Aidan.

Lovingly Artisan's winning product in the Bakery Innovation category was a Kombucha Sourdough – an amalgamation of kombucha, a fermented drink made from sweetened tea, and a specific culture of bacteria and yeasts. These are combined with an ancient grain, organic, stone ground wheat flour, and fermented for over 24 hours.