NORTHERN MEPs - including some representing Cumbria in the European Parliament - have united in a bid to "defeat Brexit" and Boris Johnson's government.

The MEPs issued their public declaration the day after dramatic scenes in the House of Commons which saw MPs seize control of the chamber to pave the way for an attempt to pass legislation that would make a no-deal Brexit illegal.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused the rebels - who include 21 Tories who now face expulsion from the party - of "wrecking" his chances of securing a new Brexit deal.

He suggested yesterday that his opponents wanted to "scrub" the referendum, and the democratic decision it delivered.

In a new twist, following a meeting in Brussels, MEPs from the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Labour, Alliance, Plaid Cymru and Scottish National Party joined each other in signing their 'The Brussels Declaration'.

Its signatories include Julie Ward, a Labour MEP who had a Workington office until 2016.

The group's declaration reads:

"We, the undersigned UK Members of the European Parliament, representing England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, declare as follows:

"The proroguing, or shutting down the UK Parliament in order to limit scrutiny of the implications of a potential no-deal Brexit is completely unacceptable. Limiting the opportunity for MPs to debate, vote and crucially, to legislate, cannot be the response to a referendum in which Leave campaigned for the UK Parliament to “take back control”.

"In the continuation of the spirit that UK MEPs have worked in since the 2016 Referendum we commit ourselves to continue to work across party lines and declare that it is vital that MPs do likewise.

"We were all elected just four months ago with clear mandates. We are working together. We call upon our European friends and colleagues to assist domestic efforts in keeping the door open to us."

In a joint statement, Jane Brophy MEP and Chris Davies MEP said that Boris Johnson's government was now chasing a "reckless and irresponsible no-deal Brexit – no matter the cost to Northerners."

The letter adds: "Here in Europe, we are working hard on issues that affect the North West and this is a perfect example of politicians in Europe coming together in the national interest.

"We're proud to join forces with Labour, Green, Alliance, Plaid and SNP MEPs to stand united against this catastrophic Johnson Government."

The Declaration was signed by:

Liberal Democrats

*Catherine Bearder MEP

* Caroline Voaden MEP

* Chris Davies MEP

* Phil Bennion MEP

* Jane Brophy MEP

* Judith Bunting MEP

* Dinesh Dhamija MEP

* Barbara Ann Gibson MEP

* Anthony Hook MEP

* Martin Horwood MEP

* Shaffaq Mohammed MEP

* Lucy Nethsingha MEP

* Bill Newton Dunn MEP

* Sheila Ritchie MEP

* Irina Von Wiese MEP

Green Party

* Molly Scott Cato MEP

* Alexandra Phillips MEP

* Magid Magid MEP

* Scott Ainslie MEP

* Ellie Chowns MEP

* Gina Dowding MEP

* Catherine Rowett MEP

Labour Party

* Richard Corbett MEP

* Seb Dance MEP

* Jude Kirton-Darling MEP

* Neena Gill MEP

* John Howarth MEP

* Theresa Griffin MEP

* Jackie Jones MEP

* Julie Ward MEP

* Rory Palmer MEP

* Claude Moraes MEP

Alliance Party

* Naomi Long MEP

Plaid Cymru

* Jill Evans MEP

Scottish National Party

* Alyn Smith MEP

* Aileen Mcleod MEP

* Christian Allard MEP

What do you think? Are the MEPs defending democracy, or subverting it?