Response to an appeal to stop period poverty has been overwhelming, organisers say.

Maryport Health Services has established a scarlet box scheme where women and teenagers can access sanitary equipment free of charge.

The Scarlet Box is available five days a week during surgery opening times.

Organiser, Practice nurse Mandy McCombe, said the response had been nothing short of fantastic.

"Asda has given us a whole load or products.Other companies including Igsesund Paper Board and Mitchell's have supported us. We have also had donations of money including one of £100 last week."

She said she hoped that women and girls would now use the scheme.

"There is no embarrassment, no questions asked. All people have to do is say Scarlet Box to the receptionist and they will be shown a private room where they can access what they need. There is nothing like means testing or anything.

"We just want to make sure that there is nobody in this town who is held back because they cannot afford sanitary products."

She said if anyone wanted any other help or needed to seek assistance there would be someone to ask.

She said people could also be referred to Hug A Mug, run by the Ewanrigg Local Trust from within the surgery. Hug A Mug can advise people on the help agencies available if needed.