NEW owners of a former Ulverston police station have officially been revealed.

Ulverston's former police station has changed hands after being on the market for four years when it was deemed 'no longer fit for purpose'.

The property was initially sold on the market for £800,000 but sold for almost half that price at £500,000, according to details listed on the Land Registry.

The former police station was sold to Barrow skip boss, John Cooper who owns JJC Waste Management in Barrow.

The property, which lies on Neville Street, includes the former station, old courthouse and some garages.

Previously interested buyer Val Holden, had planned to build affordable and luxury housing in the old building, including a rooftop garden to cover the old cell block.

Ulverston town councillor and former police officer, Dave Webster, hoped the space would be converted into affordable apartments.

"I would've liked to have seen some sort of housing there because it is such a big piece of land which could be converted into lots of different things but it's not up to me," she said.

"However, if it's bringing jobs into the town then I'm all for it.

"If the new owner is going to convert the property into skip storage it may create some traffic issues.

"The space is just off the A590 round about so if there are wagons pulling off from Neville Street, it may generate some further traffic problems."

Ulverston mayor, Sharon Webster, also fears the potential of a waste management site may create congestion on the A590 stretch of road.

Mrs Webster said: "I'm worried that if the space were turned into a waste management site, it may cause more problems with traffic.

"I'm happy for a new business in the town as long as it's the right business."

Police and crime commissioner Peter McCall previously said: "The monthly estate running costs for Ulverston police station are considerable and I have to be mindful that this money could be better used in supporting frontline policing."

The Mail approached JJC Waste Management for a comment, however, they declined on revealing their future plans with the site.