Unless you’re the next Walt Disney, a Mickey Mouse marketing strategy won’t make you a fortune.

Businesses that gain an edge over their competitors don’t achieve this by chance.

Their secret? First and foremost, they understand the value of marketing and have identified the things that make them stand out compared with other businesses in their sector.

This enables them to focus on a distinct marketing approach that influences message, branding and other marketing decisions.

At its core, an effective marketing strategy quickly answers what every customer asks: Why should I buy from you?

And there’s nothing Mickey Mouse about that.

It’s no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them.”

Philip Kotler – The father of modern marketing

For many businesses, developing an effective marketing strategy to ensure they can compete in a noisy, multi-channel world is seen as secondary to the need to satisfy current demand for their products or services.

In truth, a well-researched, forward-thinking marketing strategy with a clear set of objectives is essential for underpinning the future success of your business.

It’s your passport to growth and profitability, and without it you have little chance of standing out from the crowd.

Case study: Read here how Bells of Lazonby created a new brand aimed at health-conscious millennials.

You don’t need to be a marketing specialist to develop a proposition that will encourage people to buy into your product or service.

You just need to identify what it is about your business your customers appreciate. Is it price, product mix or promotions? Customer care, competitiveness or quality?

Add these factors together and you have the basis of marketing strategy which Cumbria Business Growth Hub can help you develop further.

Case study: Read here how Pure Lakes harnessed help form the Growth Hub to develop a marketing strategy to reinforce its credentials as an ethical and environmentally-conscious brand.

Making your offer irresistible is the name of the game.

With a little bit of know-how, you can devise a highly focused, cost-effective plan to exploit the latest marketing methods and channels to attract new customers and help drive your business forward.

There are lots of ways the Growth Hub can help you meet the challenges of marketing, often for free.

A Growth Hub adviser can help you review performance and improvement opportunities and put together a personalised action plan and support package, drawing on Growth Hub and wider offers.

Our Consultancy Subsidy offers a 40 per cent grant, of up to £4,000, towards working with, for example, a marketing consultant of your choice, or a specialist in areas such as market research, social media or branding and design.

You can work one-to-one with one or more of our highly experienced Growth Hub advisers. They include marketing specialists with expert knowledge of both consumer and business marketing.

Signing up for Cumbria Forum with Lancaster University will enable you to hone your leadership and management skills and build a support network with other businesses in the cohort.

More widely we can link you into training opportunities for you and your staff in key areas such as digital marketing and e-commerce.

And our web portal offers access to a wealth of resources including podcasts, videos, training and events, case studies and much more.

Click here to make the most of the support that’s on offer to get your business working harder for you.

Alternatively, email info@cumbriagrowthhub.co.uk or call 0844 257 84 50 to find out how we can help you make your business more profitable.