A Cumbrian hospitality supplier is blazing the trail for greener guest supplies.

Out of Eden, based at Kirkby Stephen, has sold refillable toiletries and cleaning products to accommodation providers across the country for more than 20 years.

It said sales have soared following the national debate around single-use plastics and recycling.

The InterContinental Hotels Group recently decided to swap out travel-size toiletries for more sustainable options by 2021.

Out of Eden founder Ian Hartley said: “It is essential that accommodation providers can effortlessly swap out mini toiletries for more sustainable alternatives, while maintaining that desired element of luxury for their guests."

The firm has introduced two new refillable toiletry collections this year, which include vegan formulas, natural ingredients and plastic-saving packaging.

Its Eden range is available in 300ml bottles with five-litre bulk refills, allowing users to refill the original bottle or a dispenser over 15 times, and the empty five litre container can then be recycled.

Out of Eden has also extended its partnership with CleanConscience to help hoteliers reuse and repurpose mini-toiletries.

CleanConscience decants liquid toiletries from mini bottles and donates to those in need such as women’s shelters and refugee camps.

Reusable hard soap bars offer a business opportunity for women abroad.

Travel-size toiletries cannot be recycled, so the bottles are incinerated to create energy which is returned to the National Grid.

It was previously limited to London hotels, but now all of Out of Eden's customers can take advantage of the scheme.

Managing director Mike Gannon said “We’re delighted to be working alongside CleanConscience and to be involved in such a great initiative. The scheme gives Out of Eden and every one of our customers the opportunity to each play their part in tackling the global issue of waste, while benefiting people and the planet simultaneously.”