A PROSPECTIVE buyer has put in a bid for an empty nightlife venue in Barrow as a leading property expert has declared 'there's no future in nightclubs'.

One Leisure's Barrow venues Skint, Club M and The Cry were put on the market in November.

Club M in Cornwallis Street was marketed by Corrie & Co for offers around £1m while Skint, in Lawson Street, and The Cry were priced at £300,000.

In June estate agent David Corrie confirmed an offer had been made for Club M but this was not progressed.

Corrie & Co then liaised with contacts at specialist, Leeds-based agency James A Baker, in a bid to target potential investors looking for empty venues.

Kavanna's was then also listed, on the basis that an investor would be more likely to want both neighbouring properties instead of one.

The price of Kavanna's and The Cry has since been dropped to £200,000 each.

Mr Corrie has now confirmed that an offer has been made for Skint.

The offer is understood to have come from an investor looking to convert the premises into accommodation.

"We've had quite a lot of interest in the clubs; there are a lot of investors across the country who recognise that there is potential in Barrow because of the town's employment stability created by BAE and others," he said.

"We had a call earlier from an investor in Merseyside who was looking for properties in Barrow.

"However, you don't expect to sell these types of properties in a couple of weeks, it was always going to take some time to attract the right person.

"There is no future in nightclubs.

"You'll never see a return of the days where people were queued up along Cornwallis Street."

Durham-based firm One Leisure bought the Imperial Hotel, Kavanna’s, Martinis/Club M and Scorpio/Skint, back in 2007.

One Leisure bought the venues for significantly less than the £4m asking price.

Club M, the biggest of the three properties, was last open in 2015.