Entrepreneurs are invited to submit expressions of interest to run a new wellness centre near Carlisle.

Over-55s development Scalesceugh Hall and Villas, founded by Bruno and Anita Herdeiro, will also feature the membership-only centre, which will include a pool, sauna, massage room, gym, room for fitness classes and a cafe.

Bruno said he believed the wellness centre would be an important addition to the area, and added it was a fantastic opportunity for someone to run it without having to raise capital.

He said: “There are a number of entrepreneurs out there who have the energy and passion to create something exceptional.

“We want to set them up for success and help them take their aspirations to the next level.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to have the capital required to start your own business and that is often the biggest barrier towards exceptional people creating exceptional concepts with exceptional service.

“To all of those who want to create something truly unique that will add to the Scalesceugh experience, I would love to hear from them and see how we can help them succeed.

“Cumbria is the most beautiful county in the UK and has the potential to be the best place to live in the UK, but there are some areas – including wellness and lifestyle – where we need to raise the bar.

“If you live in the villages surrounding Carlisle, we shouldn’t have to drive half an hour to go to enjoy a quality massage or a swim.

“In my opinion, that is one of the biggest obstacles towards a healthy lifestyle.”

Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, winner of the in-Cumbria 2018 Best New Business award, is a development of 13 luxury homes for over-55s.

Bruno said: “Scalesceugh is all about creating the most aspirational place to live in Cumbria.

“I think we are succeeding in creating something truly unique and we believe the wellness facilities are the icing on top of the cake.

“Having the luxury to swim in your private swimming pool is part of the lifestyle we want our owners to enjoy.

“If you worked all your life, you shouldn’t be bound by swimming pool opening times or peak times, you should have the flexibility to go for a swim anytime you want.”

Anita, who is a qualified GP, will provide personalised activity plans to help wellness club members maintain their health.

She added: “People talk about Cumbria as having a high rate of social isolation. Creating places like this in the rural area is vital.

“People talk about growing old with dignity or with grace. To me that’s all about staying healthy and active in mind and body, keeping connected to friends and family and being part of a vibrant community.

“I have come across a variety of healthcare provisions for our ageing society and I’ve learnt a lot about what works and where there’s potential for new ideas. And it’s all coming into a clearer focus as my own parents are beginning to think about the difficult decisions that will shape their future.

“They would want to enjoy access to the beautiful countryside, yet with services at the doorstep. Sharing time with friends and hosting family gatherings, and they’d want to keep that option for years to come.

“It’s all about staying healthy and active in mind and body.”

Entrepreneurs have until July 31 to submit an expression of interest.

Visit www.scalesceughvillas.co.uk for more information.