An energy company has been officially certified as playing fair when it comes to paying tax.

Energy4All, based in Furness Business Park, Barrow, has been certified as a Fair Tax Mark business.

The Fair Tax Mark certification scheme was launched in 2014 to allow businesses paying tax in a responsible way to demonstrate this commitment to their customers, suppliers, investors and employees.

Energy4All works with communities across the UK to help people develop wind, solar and hydro projects.

It initially helps communities raise the funds for the projects and appoints managers to construct them. It then works with the directors so they can manage them over the long-term.

Mark Luntley, director of Energy4All, said: “We are very proud to be recognised as a Fair Tax Mark certified business.

“As part of the co-operative movement we want to ensure that we achieve the highest standards, operating as a responsible business.

“The Fair Tax Mark allows us to demonstrate that we have been independently assessed and found to have an exemplar approach to tax.

"We think paying the right amount of tax, at the right time and place is key to being a people-centred enterprise.

"When we’re successful, it’s only right that we contribute towards the vital public services we all rely on.”

Paul Monaghan, chief executive of Fair Tax Mark, said: “At a time when the public is growing used to headlines about big corporates shifting profits to tax havens and minimising the contributions they make to the public purse, it’s refreshing to see a business that is proud to say what they pay.”